Geppo Mechanized Tipper

Geppo Mechanized Tipper

Tipper for blocks of stone material that allows a 90 ° rotation around the horizontal axis. The maximum  weight capacity of the block is of 400kN (circa 40 t.). The machine does not use hydraulic systems but an ingenious mechanical system with a, crank, operated by two low power electric motors, which take advantage of the weight of the block to favour rapid, silent and efficient, tipping.

A robust electro-welded steel stand is the fixed supporting structure while an upper, movable, part, driven by a pair of connecting rods and worked by a roller-driven sprocket system, makes the block rotate, securing continuous support throughout the work phase.

The operation takes place in complete safety in that the beginning of the tipping cycle is activated via a fixed control panel placed at an appropriate distance from the machine.

The rotation of the support is activated by two electric gearmotors installed inside the suppoting structure. These activate two driving sprockets attached to the two connecting rods by means of two aptly sized gear wheels, in order to obtain the optimum speed for the block to rotate.

Rotation is continual, therefore, the block rotates 90° between the two, well defined, start and stop positions, in about 1 minute.

The block is stopped in the two directions of rotation with the use of a double shutdown limit switch; that is, in the event of the malfunction of the first limit switch, the second kicks in as a safety measure.




Technical data

Technical data of the tipper and its size:

Model / Type: Tipper mpd. Geppo 40 T

Maximum Weight: 400 Kn (40 Tons)

Total mass empty: 6.000 kg

Rotation speed: ~ 90° / min

Installed power: 3 kW (2 x 1,5 kW)

Power supply: Three phase 400 V – 50 Hz

Noise: < 70 db

Work temperature: – 5° C / + 40° C

Relative humidity: 20% – 90%


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