Frenzo type monofilament

Frenzo type monofilament

This machine was conceived for framing and cutting blocks of marble, granite and ornamental stones, with the use of the finest technology available on the market.

During the cutting process, the machine is, thanks to an innovative cutting system, entirely covered by a, PLC, which ensures, on the one hand, precision of cutting, on the other, maximum thread life.

The tension of the wire is of a mechanical nature, therefore there is no need for a hydraulic control unit or compressed air.



Technical data

Wire distance: 2500mm

Size of the machine: L7860mm; H5700mm;


Maximum block size to be sectioned

4100mm wide: 2450mm high

Cutting speed: can be set from 20 to

3000 mm/h and self-regulated by the power absorbed and wire tension

Motorized rain adjustment

(1000 mm to 2500 mm): positioning can take place both automatically or manually

Flywheel Motor – maximum power: 10÷15 kW… 25÷40 m/s


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