Renzo Franzoni, Lauro Binelli and Giorgio Bigi had brought with them thirty years experience working at the renowned, frame building firm, “Ditta Marioni”, when, in 1966, they founded their own company – B.B.F. snc

Experts in repairs, modifications and spare parts for marble and granite frames, over the years, they have become specialists in repairing monofilament and monoblade laboratory machinery and in constructing gears

Now run by the third generation, B.B.F. snc, thrives, thanks to over 50 years of know-how, and is hence able to build and design innovative machines

We count, amongst our most important machines:

  • The fully mechanized tipper

  • A mechanical and highly technological monofilament with rotating turntable, equipped with a new and innovative advancement mechanism

  • Design and modification to transform mechanical frames formerly used for granite into marble